Research Group
Mingjie Zhang, Director
Neuronal Structural Biology
Molecular mechanisms of synaptic signal transduction complex organization, dynamic regulations of synaptic complex assemblies, trafficking of proteins in synaptic signaling, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, molecular basis of cell polarity.
Tom Hiu Tung Cheung
Stem cell biology
Molecular regulation of stem cell quiescence and activation in the context of tissue regeneration, stem cell ageing and diseases.
Xuhui Huang
Biophysical Chemistry
Molecular simulations, Markov State Models for long timescale dynamics, virtual screening , RNA folding, protein misfolding/aggregration, conformational changes in Transcription Elongation.
Kai Liu
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of axonal regeneration failure in adult mammalian central nervous system.
Jianan Qu
Modern optical devices and systems, optical imaging processing, laser spectroscopy, environmental monitoring.
Fei Sun
Biomolecular Engineering
Directed evolution; protein/peptide chemistry; protein biomaterials; optogenetics; genetically encoded biosensors
Jiguang Wang
Computational Biology
Genomic landscape of cancer cells, Machine learning of cancer drug sensitivity, Precision medicine of glioblastoma, Mathematical modeling of cancer evolution, Identification of long noncoding RNAs, Next generation sequencing, Reconstruction and analysis of transcriptome.
Zhenguo Wu
Developmental Biology
Muscle stem cells, elucidation of intracellular signal transduction pathways involved in controling early skeletal muscle differentiation.
Zilong Wen
Developmental Biology
Cell biology, biochemistry, functions of different stem cell leukemia isoforms , hematopoietic stem cells during development , cancer, zebrafish, reverse genetic approach.
Yan Yan
Developmental Biology
Tissue morphogenesis, growth control, mechanical regulation of the Hippo pathway, molecular and cellular basis of cell delamination.
Xia Jiang, Affiliated Member
Chemical Biology
Bioconjugation chemistry, biochemistry, biomaterials, chemical biology
YanXiang Zhao, Affiliated Member
Drug Discovery
Cellular homeostasis, X-ray crystallography, molecular biology, cell biology, protein chemistry, rational drug design